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Big Foot

by Jonathan Crayford

Antipodes 01:03
Big Foot 05:17
Can you hear the birds singing 'Cause it's such a beautiful day I would like you to notice The complex nature of the birds Because they sing the melodies That nature gives us Each and every day Sing me a song Make me belong Come over there Answer my prayer To belong With a song In my heart each day Go thru the thing Make my bell ding Give me your ring Teach me to sing We belong With a song In our heart each day lyrics Jonathan Crayford
Nine 05:43
Jazz Trek 00:35
Ganymede 07:12
Jewel City 04:18
It's midnight in our town Our visitors have gone Onto the still black road They're going Now the stars gaze past The moon around our city Full of people either Awake or sleeping Now the sun will go through gravity and science And what there is is a night to feel love Think of love Now the star of the day glows It's daylight in our house Comes into our door There's beauty in the form of My couch I find it comforting Our environment Contentness is welcome to me My happiness reborn From the little dawn Of the Earth and Sky Above me Now the Sun falls down Through gravity and science And what there is is a night to feel love Think of love Now the stars of the night glow Daytime and nighttime go Daytime and nighttime know It's twilight in our town Jewel city found At the end of a treasure hunt Now the neon lights Fill the place with colour A city full of cars and busses Jewel city founded Community construction And what there is Is symbol of dove After life before Another civilisation And what we don't need Is a nuclear war Think of lore Now the commanders applaud Now the wood pigeon calls Jewel city never falls lyrics by Emma Paki music by Jonathan Crayford
It's You 07:07
Wicked 00:11
Moana 04:28
There's a wave Going out to sea Not knowing where to go to It hasn't got a home In this wave There is only me Not knowing where to go to I therefore ever roam In this wave There is only one idea To make what is further near And near what is further still Will you come to be ever by my side And live in a changing tide And be where the sun goes down And hope that the moon comes out Yes it will And it's coming from in me There's a tree Growing on a bank It's reaching all of it's branches Up into the air And the leaves Rustle in the wind Singing songs to the ocean Speaking of the shore Then a bird With wings heavy from it's flight Heard stories in the night And lifts into the air I have come To see what a friend can be And tell you of things I've seen And make in you my home A tree shouldn't be alone I am here everything is a changing And it's coming from in me lyrics Jonathan Crayford
Phantom 05:39
Queen's 01:34


Jonathan Crayford playing nearly every instrument except for Riki Gooch on drums with special guests Lisa Tomlin, Emma Paki, Hollie Smith, Lucien Johnson and strings. This album features Crayford's compositions, arrangements, multi instrumentation and off beat humour.


released September 28, 2007

Jonathan Crayford - hammond organ, rhodes, clavinet, mini moog, piano, little phatty, melodica, flute, bass clarinet, Irish whistle, shekere, percussion, psion organiser L64, vocal interludes.
Riki Gooch - drums, percussion, vocal interludes.
Lisa Tomlin - vocal
Emma Paki - vocal
Hollie Smith - vocal
Lucien Johnson - alto clarinet

All music by Jonathan Crayford except 'Brian De Graine' by Lucien Johnson and Jonathan Crayford and 'Jewel City' by Jonathan Crayford and Emma Paki
Arrangements by Jonathan Crayford
String arrangements by Jonathan Crayford
Produced by Riki Gooch and Jonathan Crayford
Engineered by Andrew Downes
Mixed by Mike Gibson
Recorded at Trident Studios, Wellington, NZ
Mastered by Marcus Wilson at AA Masters
Art work from a stamp - artist unknown

Much thanks to Riki
Additional thanks to Chris Yeabsley, Rick Cranson, Potty Wagstaff and Havana Bar.


all rights reserved



Jonathan Crayford New Zealand

Acclaimed as a highly original compositional talent, pianist Jonathan Crayford has been responsible for many film soundtracks, albums, and bands. Jonathan worked with a wide range of musicians. In New York he played with Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Binney, Mambo Macoco and Groove Collective, in Europe with David Murray, Tony Allen, Questlove and Macy Gray. ... more

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